I tried planning my day like Anna Saccone and this happened

Hello there everyone! I am back with a new post that has all do to with planning tips. I always try to be more organized (even though I sometimes fail lamentably) so I’ve decided to take someone else’s advice and see where that gets me.

If you haven’t heard about Anna Saccone, first: what are you doing? And second: go and subscribe to her on YouTube (you will not regret it). She is a mom of 4 and is definitely one of the persons that I admire. You will fall in love with her and her family the second you go on her YouTube, I guarantee!

Anyway, a few weeks ago she posted this video where she showed how she manages to fit everything in her day. Let’s be honest here, I am not doing even half of what she is doing in a day and all I have to care about is my dog, family, going to uni and sometimes study. I guess it’s all about priorities right?

So what’s her video all about? Making a list of to-do things every night before bed. Sounds easy right? Well, she suggested in her video that we should start making a list for a regular week day and be true to ourselves so I have decided to do so.

I split my day into 3 parts like she did and decided to start on a Monday. As you can see, my day was pretty much a free one (I did this before winter break hence the lack of uni related things) so I started with the big things for that day like going to classes or making some notes for the upcoming exams. I also decided to go with the circle before every task so I can feel better checking them off.

At the end of my first day, the list looked something like this:

I didn’t managed to work out because I was a little too deep into my break so I ended up watching a movie instead. I also didn’t go to bed at 23:00.

The next day was a little bit of a mess. I had checked off most of the things but the afternoon was definitely a problem. I totally forgot that I was doing this and I ended up not planning for the third day.

My third day was spent mostly at home studying and baking cookies and somehow I didn’t felt the need of making a check list. I am finding it really hard to plan a non eventful day like this one but when I think about it, I should definitely do it. When a day is free I tend to completely waste it instead of doing something productive. Laziness, is that you?

On the fourth day of doing this I already had my check list prepared for the morning. I have decided not to put “workout” on the list because actually got a feeling that I would absolutely skip that one. At the end of the day, everything on the list was checked off and I was actually so proud of myself.

Day five was another good day but day 6 and 7 (meaning the weekend) were a little bit of a mess because I didn’t actually knew how to schedule them right. I had my mornings and evenings sorted out for both days but the afternoon was pretty much empty (and that was not because I didn’t had some uni related work to do).

Ok, so you might be asking yourselves why didn’t I use my bullet journal for this? Because I wasn’t used to having a check list during the day and I don’t usually carry it around with me. My phone is always in my pocket and since I started a new habit, I wanted to make it as simple as possible to maintain it.

Did this whole thing did something for me? It actually and very surprisingly did! I kinda felt the need to continue to do a check list every night before bed and in the most days I took my time and did it. I felt way more productive when I did it, than on the days I thought that I don’t have anything to do.

The conclusion is that I will definitely continue to make my lists whenever I can and feel like it mostly because I will take my exams in a bit and I really want to see if doing this will help with my serious procrastination problems or notšŸ¤£.

Do you make a list everyday? How to you organize your time? Let me know all about your methods in the comments down below.


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