Why You Need To Put Lake Baikal On The Bucket List

There are so many great reasons to take your hiking boots and go to Lake Baikal. If you are an outdoor person to any degree, you will have the open air, biking, camping, hikes, kayaks,…

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How To Volunteer Abroad // Guest post from Astrid Halliday

Today’s guest post is brought to you by lovely Astrid Halliday who has some nice tips that can help anyone that is thinking about voulnteering abroad. I am really happy that she decided to get…

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2 days in Budapest | 2018

In honour of me starting my 3rd year as a Dental student I’ve decided to take one last trip before university starts. I wanted to pick a country that wasn’t that far away from mine…

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A trip to Skala Sotiros part 2 | Thásos 2018

I have return with a new post from my vacation and this time we talk about one of my favorite subjects. Food.

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A trip to Skala Sotiros part 1 | Thásos 2018

We decided to spend our vacation this year in Skala Sotiros (Thásos) and as it has been the first time that I’ve visited Greece I couldn’t pick a better destination to start with (except Santorini…

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