Designing A House To Fit Your Specific Health Needs

The house around you is meant to be the haven you can always come back to, to recuperate and relax in. It’s something you need to be personal to your tastes and your tastes alone, and there’s no point in trying to design a show home that’s going to leave you feeling cold and unsatisfied with the four walls around you. Sure, you might want to sell on one day, but you’re going to need to think about what you need in the here and now with your interior design.

If you’re someone who isn’t in the best of health right now, and you need to try and make a change for both your physical and mental health and happiness, let’s make some easy plans out of it.


Give Yourself Some Space

The space we have around us is very important to how much we like our home, and if we’re feeling cramped and claustrophobic in whatever room in our house we’re currently in, we’re going to be hugely dissatisfied with our lot in life. Of course, a lot of the time you can’t just physically expand the four walls around you (you don’t currently have the budget to!), but you can rework the way you use the space, and the inventory you have in it.

You don’t want the furniture and other clutter you own to completely fill the space around you, the same way you wouldn’t want your storage containers in the garage to fill up to the brim! So make sure you have a good clearout and a good rearrange this weekend, as you’re always allowed to rethink the floor plan in your house.

Don’t Compromise on the Furniture

The furniture in your home needs to be suitable to you and you alone, and trying to fit pieces that don’t work with your aesthetic or are too hard or leathery for your tastes just won’t work out! If something is cheap, sure, take a look at it. But if it’s of poor quality and just leaves you with a bit of a grimace on your face, leave it be and move on.

Think about the different materials and types that are worth your time. For example, maybe you need to get some hospital furniture in the space you live in? It’s easy to clean and take care of, and will last a long time, so it might just be a worthy investment for the next few years.

Keep the Bedroom for Sleeping

You need a better sleep schedule, and you don’t even need new furniture or to repaint the walls for fixing this! You need to make sure that the bedroom you’re sleeping in is reserved for relaxing and sleeping and those alone! You don’t want to make any accidental associations here – don’t turn the bed into a work center, don’t snack there on a regular basis etc.

There was a few ideas for making sure you’ve got a house around you that’s specific to your needs.


What are your ways to improve your livings space so you can enjoy it and really feel calm in it?

Let me know all your ways in the comments down below!


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  1. January 10, 2019 / 11:43 PM

    Great tips. Especially for the bedroom space.

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