Farsali Unicorn Essence | Magic drops or just a nice dream?

I am the type of person that tends to buy things only because she saw multiple adds on social media and that is the case with this one. Everyone had only good words to say about Farsali so I’ve decided to go with the flow, again, and buy the smaller one from Sephora. So, are these really magic drops or just a nice dream?

After I went and bought it, I didn’t use it right away. Being summer and me not leaving the house a lot led to me not wearing any makeup so the tiny bottle of unicorn drops stood on my “vanity” for a few weeks. In the end, I had to go out to dinner with some friends and the opportunity came!
As I do every time before applying my makeup I’ve washed my face, put on some micellar water and waited for it to dry. Then, without applying any moisturizer I let a few drops fall on my face and I massage it with my hands all over including on my lips. It leaves your skin and lips feeling really soft after and it is very moisturizing but not in the “I will get oily in 5 minutes” way. I then applied my foundation (MAC Pro Longwear), set it up with a bit of translucent powder and that was all for my face and for my lips I went with a MAC lip pencil and a little bit of balm on top.
Fast forward about 4-5 hours later I came home and went straight to my bathroom to take my makeup off and see what I had left out of it. I swear I was surprised! My almost whole makeup was still on my face, even though I sweated and used some paper sheets on my face. The foundation was a bit almost nonexistent on my nose area but despite that was looking fine. My lip pencil was gone but my lips were still soft and looking nice. Overall I was really impressed! That was really a first for a “primer”.

  • really impressed – one of the very few products that I’ve bought due to a lot of advertising and really worth the money;
  • nice smell;
  • you don’t need a bunch of drops to cover your whole face;
  • doesn’t get your face oily (or at least in my case it didn’t);
  • your makeup sets on top really nice;


  • expensive ($54.00 the big one / $22.00 the small one) even if you buy the smaller bottle, which you should do if it’s your first time using it. I think it will last a good amount of time;
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7 thoughts on “Farsali Unicorn Essence | Magic drops or just a nice dream?”

  1. Like you , I’ve seen this product a lot on social media, so it’s nice to have opinions of a blogger, rather than seeing it promoted on social media. Even the comments on this post seems positive so I might give it a try!
    Thank you for sharing! 😀

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