A trip to Skala Sotiros part 1 | Thásos 2018

We decided to spend our vacation this year in Skala Sotiros (Thásos) and as it has been the first time that I’ve visited Greece I couldn’t pick a better destination to start with (except Santorini which is next on my list).
I really like to do some research before going somewhere so I’ve decided to help you all out a bit and share with you places where you can eat (of course) or that you can visit if you decide to travel here.

I will start by saying that to get to Thásos you have to pass with the ferry from Keramoti or Kavala (but it takes a bit longer) and it costs 4€/adult + another amount of euros depending on the model of your car. If you take it when the sun is rising you will enjoy a very nice view.

We picked a place, called Napoleon Studio (just cross the road and you’re at the beach) which has it’s own tavern on the beach and that was a really nice thing to have. We did made our reservation like 6 months ahead so we only pay 350€ + city taxes that were included and we also had breakfast included too. ( I do recommend making a reservation with several months ahead because you will for sure get it at really good prices). You can get breakfast for 5€/person every morning unless you have it with your room. Every morning you get eggs, ham and cheese, Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, bread, croissants and cake and a mix of butter, jam and chocolate. You also get juice or water and a coffee.

Saliara Marble Beach / Porto VathyIf you plan on staying in the sun on Marble Beach you better drive there very early in the morning or else you are just going to simply visit it. It is super crowded so finding a place to stay after 9-10 am it could be difficult. The road there is a little bit difficult and you have to drive about 18 km on a bumpy mountain road. There is no sand. The beach “sand” is made of a lot of tiny marble rocks and you can find them in the water as well. The water color is amazing, the view is breathtaking. Make sure to drive to the second beach called Porto Vathy as it is definitely more beautiful and bigger. The sun beds are about 20€ but you can eat and drink for that money. A little downsize is that there are a lot of bees on the beach as Thásos is also known for his honey so if you have allergies or just don’t like to be bitten by one just visit it, swim a little then leave (or take some allergies meds and enjoy your stay like I did).

Limenaria -is their bigger town where you can find a lot of small shops full of clothes, souvenirs and their specialties like olive oil, olives and all sorts of spices. It’s only about 20 kilometers away from Skala Sotiros and you can visit Golden Beach on your way or just stop on the side of the road to take some awesome shoots.

The beach in Skala Potus – if you don’t mind walking a bit more near the end of the beach, you will see that the sand shines in the sun and it’s like it made with tiny particles of gold. The water is clean and you have to walk a lot as the water gets deeper as you go. A little downsize is that there are a lot of cancers in it so it’s a good idea to be a lot careful and wear special water shoes. The sun beds are 3€ each and you can get something from the bar with that money.

Thásos (the city) – This one is packed with stores, restaurants, bars and taverns and I feel like if you want to spend a fun night in the city this would be the perfect place to go. There are a lot of great places to eat and if you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine with your lover, there are some bars with a view to the sea and the city lights that give a nice romantic atmosphere.
That’s all for now but make sure to check out my blog next Tuesday for part 2 of my trip to Thásos where I will talk about food and places where you can eat.

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        1. Thank you! I would look into them for sure💙 My mom would love to see the white and blue houses and the views there so that is why Santorini is on my list☺️

  1. Gosh, your pics truly capture the beauty of Greece! I have been to Mykonos, Delos, and Athens, but I would love to see where you went. That water- ahhh! Thank you so much for sharing all that helpful info!

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