Farsali Unicorn Essence | Magic drops or just a nice dream?

I am the type of person that tends to buy things only because she saw multiple adds on social media and that is the case with this one. Everyone had only good words to say…

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Perfect pair? Vichy Mineral 89 and a Jade Roller

Aren’t you all happy when you find the perfect combination for your daily routine? Well I am and I am happy to share mine with you!

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L’Oreal face masks review

I have moments in my life when I feel the need to put a mask on my face as often as I can so when that time hits I like to have some good, effective…

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Night time skin care routine

I find my skin to be a big trouble sometimes and I always search for products to help me get rid of my spots and also reduce my post acne scars. As I really want…

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