How to start losing weight

Losing weight is kind of a big problem for a lot of people and many of us don’t know how to start. In the beginning of my weight loss journey I did do a lot of mistakes but also a lot of good things.

You might already know some of the things I am going to talk about today and this is fine. Maybe I get to remind you these thing and make you start your journey today:

  1. First thing that I did and you should probably do too is to stop drinking soda. If I did that (and I was literally replacing water with soda) you can do it too. I still drink juices from time to time but never soda;
  2. Replace white bread with whole wheat bread and switch white pasta with whole wheat pasta or rice noodles;
  3. Might be a surprise but I won’t actually tell you to replace white rice. As a fact Asians do eat a lot of white rice and they stay slim. I do think that it comes down to the things you eat the rice with;
  4. Drink more water. I know you hear this a lot and it might be a hard thing to do for most of us but this is so important, not only because it helps you with weight loss but also because it’s really good for your skin. You might need an app like Daily Water to help you stay on track;
  5. Try to workout at least 4 times a week but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t. Think this way “It is perfect to do 4 workouts during the week but it’s still something if you do 2 powerful ones at the beginning”. You have time do get better. And please, don’t say that you don’t have time. I have the same excuse so I won’t believe you (quick workouts here);
  6. Don’t quit if your binge meal turned into a binge week. Everyone falls off track sometimes but the key is to keep trying. You had a bad week but the month has 3 more;
  7. Replace sweets with fruits. This is a hard one, especially if you have a sweet tooth. I don’t believe in the fact that if you don’t eat sweets for 21 day you will not crave them after. I did it and in the 22 day I ate a chocolate. You can also try having only 2-4 squares of dark chocolate/day;
  8. If you tend to overeat try to find the real reason that make you eat way more than you were supposed to. You might be feeling lonely, bored or depressed. Whatever the cause try working on that problem first and then begin your weight loss;
  9. If you don’t know when to stop eating try counting your calories at first with an app like MyFitnessPal. I do not support doing this for a long period of time but in the begining it might help you understand how much you need to eat to lose weight in the right way;
  10. Try preparing your meals ahead. For example you can cook food for 3 days at the end of the week and then it will be a higher chance to eat right;

In the end, of the important things you need to do is to do some research, experiment and search for some motivation. Find out what is right for you, how your body reacts to certain type of foods, look up healthy alternatives for your favourite meals and be consistent. You will get it right eventually.  

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