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I don’t want to give you a lot of details because I am really excited for you all to read this, so for Blogmas day 13 enjoy Sophie’s story!

With a German father, an Indian mother, and a British/Chinese boyfriend, Christmas in recent years has been a cross-cultural adventure every year! With German Christmas on the 24th, British Christmas on the 25th, and Indian “Christmas” on the 26th, the whole affair is a 3 day long festive hot-pot filled with love, laughter, and enough champagne and turkey to last me ’til next year.

While I was writing this post, I accidentally rambled on about what my Christmases used to be like as a way to ease you in to the international Christmas life, but I’ll do a tl;dr for you here and if you’d like to read about my childhood Christmas for context then you can visit me here! The tl;dr version is that Christmas was an intimate celebration between me and my parents. We would decorate the tree together and have a non-traditional Christmas dinner on the 24th where I was allowed to open one present because that is traditionally when my dad used to celebrate Christmas back in Germany. Christmas day and boxing day were just for the 3 of us to hang out and we would open presents and listen to German folk music mixed in with Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey and then spend the day playing with all our new toys!

These days since my boyfriend and I have been at University in England and now live in London, we fly home for Christmas about a week before the 25th and have as much festive fun as we can together with both of our families and all of our friends. This means Christmas parties with our twenty-something friends a couple of days before Christmas followed by 4 days of sleepovers at each other’s places while we furiously wrap last minute gifts for everyone we know and love.

A couple of days before Christmas Eve, it’s become a tradition between our high school friends from Hong Kong to get together and have a Christmas dinner of raclette and cheap wine! As we’re all off in different parts of the world but always come home for Christmas, it’s often one of the few times where we all get together again and catch up on what’s been happening during the year for all of us. We even organise a Secret Santa each year and that’s when we all meet up, exchange gifts, and have a good old chuckle at the ridiculous gifts we get each other year after year. This is totally a highlight for me as I get to follow in my mums footsteps as the hostess and get as many people over to mine so we can hear stories from Canada to LA to London to New York and all the way back to Hong Kong!

Christmas Eve then hits and I’m back in my comfort zone of small Christmas with just the family. My boyfriend has started sleeping over on Christmas Eve and joining in the festivities of simple dinner, German folk music, and of course, opening just one present early! As we wind down for the evening, George and I often cuddle up in bed and watch Arthur Christmas together before making sure we’re asleep before midnight so we can stay on Santa’s Good List.

On Christmas morning, we wake up and have breakfast with my parents before we open up all the presents at my house! We laugh, we joke around, we hug and kiss and then we get ready for Christmas dinner at his place. My parents often drive us to his place with presents and wine in hand for his mum and then we say goodbye until the next day. We often arrive at George’s place at around noon and try to help his mum in any way we can. That often means me opening the champagne and George staying out of the way! We put the presents under the tree and then go and bug his brother for a bit before we all head downstairs for turkey dinner with all the trimmings! The turkey is laid out and then we eat, drink, and are all around merry for the rest of the afternoon. George’s mum even makes a traditional English Christmas pudding for his every year, which we wolf down with all the custard we can muster before getting ready for round 2 of presents. We open up all the presents and then attempt to digest the amazing dinner George’s mum has prepared before gathering round the laptop to Skype his other siblings in England to wish them a Merry Christmas while their Christmas day is just getting started. Christmas day winds to a close at George’s place where we often play with our new toys (read: new video games and board games) and slowly drift off to sleep ready for the last of our Christmas festivities on Boxing day.

Boxing Day is what I have dubbed “Indian Christmas” as George and I spend most of the day at his place revelling in Christmas spirit and enjoying a lunch of turkey soup – yay leftovers! In the afternoon we wrap things up at his place and head back to mine to get ready for a second turkey dinner with all the trimmings at an Indian family friends place! We get all dressed up and go with my parents to my auntie’s house and wolf down a second turkey dinner with all of my mum’s friends. Then it’s on to round 3 of presents with Indian Santa followed by my dad, George, and I waiting for my mum to say goodbye to every. single. person. It may take forever, but the house is always so warm and full of love, it’s the perfect way to end the Christmas celebrations.

That about wraps up what my Christmas in Hong Kong is like! I’m so excited for this year and I can’t wait to see all of our friends and family again! I hope you enjoyed reading about my Christmas festivities and I would love to hear all about yours so come and find me on my blog, Instagram, and Twitter. Also be sure to tell me and Anna all about what you get up to around this time of year in the comments!

Thanks for lending me your eyeballs!

Soph x


Thank you again Sophie for sharing with us all your Christmas traditions!

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