October 2018 Bullet Journal Spread

I was really happy to see that people enjoyed my last bullet journal post so I thought that I should keep this going. The things haven’t changed that much but the theme is different now and I included some spread designated to the fact that I am going back to University this month so I have to have something to keep me on track with assignments and papers that I have to do.


I know Hogwarts started in September but I had a deal with them and I can go in October (I wish haha), so in honor of me starting my 3rd year of Dental School I made the month of October with a Harry Potter theme.


My monthly spread stayed the same as last month and that is because I really like to be able so see what I have to do the whole month. I even attempted to draw the Snitch in the bottom of the page which was a little bit of a failure but hey, I’m not stressing over this anymore.


This one stayed the same too as I really enjoyed it last month. It was easier for me to see my posts schedule and it was even more perfect because I had a place to write my ideas too.


I’ve decided to keep the layout that is related to university pretty simple. I will put my schedule in the left of the page and then complete the calendars with tasks, exams or test that I have to take and do.


I’ve decided to try a habit tracker in September and as you can see that definitely didn’t worked out. I’ve filled it a bit in the beginning then totally forgot about it. Well, one thing I know for sure, I am not going to do this again in October haha.

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5 thoughts on “October 2018 Bullet Journal Spread”

  1. How is your handwriting/drawing etc so neat and pretty?! Would love to start a bullet journal but I feel like it would end up looking terrible. Btw absolutely looooove the Harry Potter theme x

    1. Thank you!! I do all in pencil before so it involves a lot of erasing and writing it again😅
      You don’t have to actually know how to draw to have a bullet journal so don’t stress about it. You can easily but some stickers to make it look nicer🤗

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