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After doing the 30 day shred level 1, my eating habits were not very good. I did see the loss in cm but I was still bloated and not eating right so I decided to detox my body. I’ve tried this program before and had great results with it so I thought it will be the perfect way to boost my overall energy and refresh my body.

Day 1 – As this is my second time doing this “detox” I was convinced that everything will go as smooth as possible but around the evening I’ve got a big headache that made me go to sleep at 8 pm. Oh, and be ready for a lot of aloe vera gel;
Day 2 – I woke up before my alarm clock went off and I was feeling very good. I even went to the bathroom to poop (sorry for tmi) thing that barely happens to me. The gel was my bff on this day too but we will “see” each other less in the next days;
           – 2,3 kg lost after the first 2 days
Day 3 – Did I mention before that you get to eat a 600 calories meal at dinner time and you also get to have your shake at breakfast and lunch time? I think I did! For my dinner I chose 200g of boiled potatoes, 200g of grilled chicken breast and a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onion, lettuce and a little bit of cheese;
Day 4 – Things are working just fine. For dinner I ate a big salad with 4 tomatoes, 2 yellow bell peppers & 1 small onion and 250g of grilled chicken breast;
Day 5 – I woke up feeling a little bit bloated but I blame the onion. It always makes me retain water. For dinner I had grilled turkey breast, a big salad and some grilled vegetables;
Day 6 – Things are going very well and I can notice some little changes around my body. For dinner my mom cooked me some vegetable soup and some white rice;
Day 7 – Spend my time relaxing and I’ve decided to eat my calories at lunch time. Pretty much the same thing, boiled potatoes, big salad and some lean meat;
Day 8 – Wow, tomorrow will be the last day of this “journey” and I will be a lier if I didn’t say that I am somehow happy. For dinner I had some white rice, tomatoes salad & 200g of turkey breast;
Day 9 – It’s done! It was a really nice detox and I plan on doing it again. Maybe in the winter time after the holidays.
Body stats: (before/after)

  • weight lost = – 3,5 kg
  • chest – 105cm / 102cm
  • waist – 86cm / 83,5cm
  • hips – 114cm / 110cm
  • biceps – 31cm / 29cm
  • calf – 40cm / 40cm
  • thighs – 65cm/ 61cm
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