30 Day Shred | Level 1

At the begining of 2017 I decided that it was time to finally lose all the weight that I’ve gained during the past 1 year and a half but as most New Year resolutions that I’ve made this one was forgotten too. That happened until I remembered about the “30 day shred” program and how great it is for most of the people. I’ve tried it before but only manage to do it for 4 days as I lost my motivation pretty quickly (you will learn that I am not the most motivated and productive human).
This time I’ve decided to stick with it for 10 days, make a blog, and let you all know how it worked!

I track my calories using MyFitnessPal and I aim to eat around 1300cals / 40% Carbs(130g); 30% Protein(98g); 30% Fat(43g) 
Day 1 (Friday) – I wasn’t new to this challenge so I kinda knew what I was getting into. As a supper lazy person who hasn’t been working out day one was hard but not as terrifying as I thought it would be. I did almost all the reps.
I’ve eatten: 1569 cals; 125g C; 95g P; 79g F
Day 2 (Saturday) – Woke up this morning feel good. I was not as sore as I thought I will be. After my mini breakfast I put on my workout clothes and did my workout. Skipped a few reps as my legs burned but I really think that as long as I do this for 30 days I will see some changes no matter what.
I’ve eatten:  1442 cals; 217g C; 68g P; 32g F
Day 3 (Sunday) – I’ve always found it harder to workout in the evening so I don’t know why I did it today. I came home feeling lazy but in the end I still managed to do my workout. My legs are still on fire from all that jumping around but I will eventually be fine!
I’ve eatten: 1530 cals; 90g C; 120 g P; 76 g F
Day 4 (Tuesday) – I almost did all the reps today. Still finding it hard to keep up with the arm moves but getting there. I actually took a brake for a day so this would actually be day 5 but I am planning on writing about the days that I workout and letting you know if I take breaks during the first 10 days.
I’ve eatten: 1121 cals; 93g C; 44g P; 54g F
Day 5 (Wednesday) – Uh! I am halfway there and all I can say is that I am slowly getting better at it! I don’t feel sore but my arms and legs burn when I am working out haha! I still find it hard to keep my fat intake lower but I really need to do this if I want to lose this stubborn weight.
I’ve eatten: 1575cals; 74g C; 119g P; 60g F
Day 6 (Thursday) – I really didn’t felt this day workout so I speed things up in the end…This waking up – going to bed late thing & studying for my finals it’s really messing up with my mind haha.
I’ve eatten: 1327cals; 119g C; 80g P; 49g F
Day 7 (Friday) -A really nice thing I’ve notice today is that I am not out of breathe anymore when I rush to university.  I also realized that I don’t like very much to do the same workout every day. Routines…definitely not my thing.
I’ve eatten: 1316cals; 111g C; 59g P; 65g F
Day 8 (Saturday) – I really want to be honest with you in every article that I write so todays workout was not day 8 from 30 day shred. It were 2 workouts from Lucys channel that I really liked and made me sweat a lot. As I said before I don’t really like doing the same thing every day so that is the only reason that I changed things up a bit.
I’ve eatten: 1314cals; 126g C; g 72P; 59g F
Day 9 (Sunday) – Today was a cheat day when it comes to my meals but I did my workout though. I am so sore after Lucys workouts haha, didn’t expected this.
Day 10 (Monday) – It feels nice to say that I’ve come to the end of these 10 days. I plan to take a break for 2 days to figure out if I want to continue this “challenge” or do something else but I will workout for sure and update you after another 10 day.
Day 1 / Day 10

  • arms: 35cm / 31cm
  • chest: 108cm / 106cm
  • waist: 89cm / 87cm
  • hips: 116cm/ 114cm
  • thighs: 66cm / 65cm
  • calves: 44cm / 41cm
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