Keeping Yourself Fit And Healthy In the New Year

Now that we are in the New Year, you may be thinking long and hard about the next twelve months. Perhaps you have made some resolutions and goals, and now planning on how you want to implement them. Many people have a focus of health and fitness as a resolution, perhaps wanting to lose weight, feel better in themselves or tackle challenges that require decent fitness levels. You may have been one of those people that want to make their health more of a priority, and you now wonder how you are going to do it. There are so many different ways that you can make your health your priority, so here are some of the options to consider. You don’t have to do them all, but even implementing one change could make a big difference.

Make your diet a focus

One of the first things that you should do is make your diet a focus. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take on any extreme diets. Many people have a goal of losing weight, and so would prefer to try some quick fixes to make that happen. This can include not eating certain food groups or only eating a particular amount of calories. However, these diets are just not sustainable. Detoxes are good as you can reset your body, but then you need to think about a balanced approach when it comes to the food you eat on a day to day basis. A healthy diet may not give you dramatic weight loss in your first week, but it can give you results. As well as helping you to feel better. The food you eat not only affects your weight, it can also improve your mood, give you more energy and benefit your skin tone.


Drink more water

Another focus for many is to increase the amount of water that you drink. It can be quite a difficult thing to do. Many people are drawn to drinking caffeinated drinks, and then alcoholic beverages, and don’t take into account exactly how much water you need to drink each day. Water naturally detoxes your body, and it is recommended to try and drink at least eight pints a day. Not all of us do that regularly. So if you do want to increase the amount of water you drink, then it may be worth thinking about having a bottle of water close by you to remind yourself. A lot of bottles that you can buy can even help you to keep track of your water intake.


Think about how you can get fitter

Fitness is also a big goal for a lot of people in the New Year, but often the thought of the gym or even the motivation to attend one dwindles down by week three in January. It isn’t an easy process to start, especially if you are not very fit right now. The best advice is to start off slowly. Exercise should be something that makes you feel good, so why not start by just choosing to be more active. It could be taking the stairs instead of a lift. Walking somewhere instead of driving. Maybe even making a promise to walk your dog each day or get out for twenty minutes in the fresh air. Once you become more active, then you can start on the heavier fitness regimes. If you are fit and healthy, then joining classes locally can be a great way to increase your exercise output, as well as meeting people who are also embarking on the same journey. Gyms are great, but you don’t need to be going to one each night. Many people also benefit from home workouts and you can find a huge selection of them on platforms like YouTube.


Is it time to work on your mindset?

The next thing to consider would be your mindset. Your mind is a powerful tool and so you should be aware that how you are feeling has much to do with how you are thinking. Think about a situation for a moment, would you naturally gravitate to the negative side of the scenario or the positive? Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? If you are leaning to the negative side of things then perhaps you need to work on your mindset for a healthier New Year. Your thoughts are the process of this, and so at first, it may feel like you are faking positivity. Try turning a thought into something positive, tun every scenario and outlook to something positive. It will feel forced, but all you are doing is breaking old habits and creating new ones. Take the time to work on this. Feel grateful for the things that you have, and take the time to notice the good in things. You will start to see this become a more natural thing to do, and thankfully there are a lot of articles online to help you do it.

Seeking help when feeling unwell

It is all well and good hoping for a year of fitness and feeling healthy on the inside and out, but there may come a time where you start to feel unwell. We can’t always avoid the office sickness bug, and when you have children, it is inevitable that you are going to feel unwell at times. So it may be worth thinking about speaking to a GP when you don’t quite feel yourself. Getting help for infections, illnesses and advice for things like mental health when you don’t feel yourself can actually be a positive step forward to feeling more like yourself once more.

Is a lifestyle change in order?

Maybe you want to overhaul your whole lifestyle this year and make some changes in that area. Some of the lifestyle change include things like your diet, such as becoming vegetarian or going vegan. This not only affects what you eat but also what you believe to be true. Your whole life is changed from the way you act, the food you eat to even the things that you wear. Even the products you use such as natural cleaning products or the makeup and skincare routine you have. It could be that you want to minimize your life in some way, and take on a more minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering excess things in your home, in your life, digitally and mentally. There is a lot of information online about minimalism, and how the whole outlook can help you.

Giving up alcohol

Perhaps alcohol is something that you think you need to focus on this year, and not increasing how much you drink. Alcohol is one of those things that we can all enjoy every now and again. A decent glass of a wine with a meal, a couple of drinks with your friends on a night out. But sometimes this can get a little out of hand. Could it be that you drink a little more heavily than you used to? Do you rely on that drink to help you relax in an evening? Do you need to drink in order to feel sociable? While you may not be drinking from the moment you get up, you could have become reliant on alcohol which means that the relationship between you and drinking has slightly turned sour. Maybe this year you want to try and cut it out. A lot of people are doing dry January right now, but you could also look at ways to do it yourself. Maybe next month you go without, or perhaps you try and only have one or two drinks on nights out or when socializing. Limiting the amount you drink can help you to get a better handle on it, and also be healthier in the long run. Not to mention not having a hangover.

Focusing on other habits in your life

There could be other habits in your life that you want to diminish or get under control. Perhaps you smoke and feel that the new year is the time to kick the habit.  Maybe you work too hard and you feel that the stress of your job is taking control more than it should be. You may enjoy chocolate too much or seek comfort in food. Finding your vices and making positive changes to kick those habits is a huge positive step to be celebrated. The road is not easy when trying to give up these things, in some cases, they are addictions that need to be handled. But as a health concern, these things can make such a positive difference to your life.


Taking vitamins each day

Finally, could you be helping yourself? One thing we perhaps don’t get enough of is the right sort of vitamins. Our diets may be great, but in some cases we can lack in certain minerals and vitamins, for example Vitamin D, where we get most of our intake from sunlight. taking a supplement each day could be the easiest way to help you become more healthy this year.



What are your goals this year? How do you plan to achieve them? Let me know in the comments down below!

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