What to do if you just chipped your tooth

The dreaded thing that we all fear and make sure to avoid, is chipping our teeth. Sure, it’s not on our minds all the time, in fact hardly ever. But when we bite into something that is harder that we expect, the first thing we check after the pain subsides is the shape of our teeth. So what do you do or what can you do if you do happen to chip your teeth? Well, the world isn’t over first of all so try to calm down. It’s something that isn’t pleasant to look at but it also hurts because the nerves in the tooth that is damaged are now exposed. Hot and cold will have more of an affect on it and thus you should avoid chewing on the side the tooth is and avoid touching it with food and liquid in general. Firstly, there are ways to avoid chipping your teeth in the beginning so take a few precautions to avoid this happening to you in the first place.


Feel your teeth with the tips of your fingers and nails. Notice any kind of dents or small nicks that have been taken out of the teeth? These can happen when you’re young and you may not even have realized it. The can increase in size due to sugary drinks and erosion from not brushing your teeth regularly. When this happen, eventually the chip will get bigger and bigger until it starts to make a part of the tooth bend. It may be ever so slightly, but it will act like a trench and divide the tooth into two. This is how a chip can begin so avoid this happening to you.


When you do have a tooth that is chipped, it will stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll be very self-conscious and you won’t want to smile in public. You can use cosmetic dentistry such as that offered at the Bowral Street Dental Practice to either fill in a part of the tooth that is missing or reshape the tooth so it looks more natural. Their experts will assess the options first and give you time to think about them. The other option they offer is dental veneers so if the chip is really bad, they can also fit a veneer so your smile looks completely natural. They will follow the exact lines and recreate the exact same shape of the tooth so there’s no way of telling the tooth was replaced or chipped.


When you chip your teeth, immediately change up your lifestyle until you get it fixed. You should book an appointment with a dentist as soon as you can. However some people don’t bother and put it off until the chip becomes larger and larger until the tooth pretty much needs to be replaced. Don’t eat hard foods and avoid sugary drinks for a while.

It’s not the same as missing a tooth, but chipping one isn’t much of a consolation. There are some things you should do immediately once it happens such as booking an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Small dents or nicks can eventually develop into a chip so take precautions to avoid this.


I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and learned something new. Next time you chip your tooth, don’t panic and just treat the situation calmly.

*This is a collaborative post*


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