8 Tips To Keep It Together At Christmas Dinner Party | Blogmas Day 24

Dinner parties can be very stressful even when it’s not a Christmas one. In the past we used to host dinner parties every Christmas day until we decided to completely stop and just enjoy the day and whatever opportunities it comes with.

Why did we stop? Because all we had to do on the 24th of December was to clean, cook, arrange the table, clean again and cook some more for some people we just had to invite. Don’t get me wrong, half of the people there were actually loved and super nice and the other half were the ones we couldn’t wait to get rid off haha.

If you are still hosting big dinner parties and you want to get some ideas about how to cope with that this post is for you!

Cook less. A nice dinner doesn’t have to consist in tons and tons of plates and pots on the oven. You can make a starter, a simple main dish like some turkey or pork cooked in the oven with some vegetables on the side and a nice big salad, and a quick desert like a cheesecake with a cup of ice cream on the side.

Keep the wine going. Or not if your relatives aren’t the type of people who start singing and dancing when getting a little more to drink. Everyone likes a nice glass of wine, or beer so make sure to have a variety of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Don’t put the nice plates on the table. I swear that every time I host a dinner party or I go to one something ends up broken sooner or later. There are a lot of cheaper beautiful plates out there so instead of displaying your most precious ones put the cheaper ones instead so you will not get angry over a broken piece.

Play a big variety of music. Not everyone will listen to what you like so make sure to make a huge playlist so everyone will get a nice song to listen too.

Plan your gifts ahead. I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but in my house, when we hosted a Christmas dinner we exchanged gifts at the end of it. I bet you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on a lot of gifts so plan a bit ahead. Try to talk to your relatives to find out what they might want and if you feel like you don’t know their tastes well enough just buy gift cards on different stores. Everyone loves them in the end.

Clean as you go. You don’t want to be left with a lot of dirty dishes as soon as your guests leave so make sure to load up your dishwasher as you go from one meal to another. In case you don’t have a dish washer, quickly was the dishes between meals. It only takes a bit of time and maybe someone will offer to help you.

Assign the seats at the table. This way you will avoid discussions and the awkward moment when 2 relatives that are not talking will end up next to each others.

Keep smiling! It’s quite hard I know, to smile through all that relatives who will judge every inch of your life but smiling is way better than getting into an argument and ruining the whole party. Let them talk all the things they want, smile and nod until they stop then quickly run away with an excuse like ” I am going to bring you some more wine”.

What are your tips when it comes to keeping it together at dinner parties? Let me know in the comments down below!


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