Patchwork Trends To Follow In 2019 // Guest post from Alyssa Moylan

No matter how long the fashion industry has been running for, one thing that is evergreen is patchwork. This fashion trend has remained popular over a period of time. The innovation and design that one can follow in patchwork are remarkable, and experimentation with it remains unchallengeable. The patchwork fabric gives a perfect flare and colors to innovation taking it to a new level. It is all about the creativity and imagination that gives a perfect combination of fashion.

The attractive design and bigger fabric allow one to work in repeated flow. During the time of great depression, patchwork was one of the biggest scopes of profitable business. Since patchwork allowed recycling of any clothes and gave it a new look, the trend was popular in old times and at the time of great depression. Patchwork bags, skirts, denim continue to rule the fashion world. The kind of versatility which this trend has to offer remains incomparable.

Types of Patchwork

The patchwork fabric was famous in traditional practices and in the modern world, it has gone to a new level. Different types of patchwork fabric that are famous in the industry.

  • Applique
  • Cathedral window patchwork
  • Crazy quilting
  • Somerset patchwork
  • Stained glass window patchwork
  • Trapunto (Puff or Stuffed patchwork)


 In the traditional fashion industry, there was no patchwork fabric, thus, it was difficult for the owners to have a stable pattern. It was all stitched manually in a creative format to give out a perfect innovative form. But in the modern market, one can easily get the pre-stitched patchwork fabric straight out of the machine. These fabrics make it easy for the designers to create new designs for curtains, beddings, garments, etc. that are made up with the use of soft fabrics. There are many exclusive designs that help in enhancing the elegance and neat look of any fabric.

There are different types of fabrics that are used for such patchwork fabric like organdies, organdy voiles, taffetas, tissues, organza, textured and even heavy plain. Other than this, there are many textured fabrics that are used for the unique pattern such as herringbone, duck, cotton linen, velvets, etc.

With the advancement in the fashion industry, the small scale businesses are making a huge impact on the profitable designing phase. This helps the small scale business to reach a new level with the involvement of different craft and combination flow.

Patchwork Quilting

Additionally, a recent trend which is ruling the market is patchwork quilting. It is not only a great way to innovatively use old clothes, but you can also create a memoir with this. The best part about working with patchwork is that one doesn’t need to be a designer. If you have a creative bent of mind, then you can give a hands-on to creating a unique piece of cloth for yourself.

Patchwork Fabric

 This type of fabric has received an amazing review of the national and international market. This fabric showcases optimum comfort, appealing styles and gives out a trendy look. Not only this, but it also helps in setting up the requirement with the customized style in the overall demand. Even the customers opt for a casual and fashionable look that gives a popular choice for a number of things. It gives an attractive flow to the furnishings and garments. This is a perfect combination for the contemporary and traditional flare for shoppers.

Conclusion – There is no doubt that the vibe with which the patchwork offers is remarkable. One can simply can’t avoid this style which this fabric creates with its simple yet innovative look. The elegance that this fabric provides to customers is worth the efforts that help in showcasing a style statement. If you are also looking for creating some innovative furnishings and want to create a design which will create an immediate impact, then patchwork is a great choice.


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