Let’s talk a little about fertility

As I’ve dedicated a post only to men a while ago (read it here) I thought it was time to write a little in collaboration about, you guessed it: Fertility.

I thought an info graphic with some main (maybe) not known facts about fertility might be good to give you some nice and accurate informations when you are first dealing with this kind of problem.

As fertility, and the lack of it, can be a rather difficult subject to talk about I think the main thing everyone should do is not to blame it on each other. The medical field is now really big and if you are dealing with such a problem a good way to stay and get informed is to reach out to a fertility doctor or clinic. The vast informations on the internet could be really confusing so having a place to go and get the right informations is crucial. So, don’t be afraid to talk about and search any kind of help as soon as you have any doubt.

Take care of this things so you can manage your fertility and you mental health:

  • managing your stress is one of the most important things to consider.
  • communicate with your partner every time you have a question or something to say;
  • get enough sleep;
  • manage your diet and try to be as active as you can;

If you live in or near London you can check this fertility clinic in London or their website for more informations. If you’re struggling to conceive, you can contact the clinic on their Facebook or Twitter pages, or call them on 020 3388 3000  if you live in the UK.

If you are not from around, make sure you ask around for a good doctor/clinic in your town and start getting informed as soon as you notice any problem. Also, a regular doctor appoint for both you and your partner is a must for a living a healthy and worry free life.


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