Guest Post: Christmas in England with Chloe| Blogmas Day 15

On Blogmas Day 15 lovely Chloe from SimplyChloeBlog shared with us a bit about her Christmas traditions! Make sure to show her some love and follow her on all her social medias!

Family Fun at Christmas

Everyone has them. Each household has their own interpretation of Christmas and how they like to spend the day,mine is no different. It’s that one day of the year where every moment is planned out and the whole house is decked out in its best Christmas attire (dog included depending on his mood), after weeks of preparing themselves for a family filled day. Where these traditions have come from, I have no clue, but they seemed to have evolved alongside me as I grew up. I went through a brief phase of being indifferent to all that is Christmas, you know back when I thought I was a cool teenager. Luckily my enthusiasm for the holiday has made a comeback in recent years, as seen in my willingness to wear a reindeer onesie for the day!

An Early Wake- Up Call

Now usually I hate waking up anytime before 8 am, that’s the earliest I’m willing to do, but for Christmas I feel like it’s important to make an exception. Without fail every year my youngest sister wakes me and my other sister up at the crack of dawn, even though she is now encroaching on 18 years old. Every year we open our bedroom doors, find our stockings filled with bits and bobs (as my mum calls them) and take them into our parents room to open while they watch and play the whole‘What did Santa get you?’ charade, bless them. It is actually the perfect start to our day as it begins as it means to end, as a family.


Everyone’s favorite part of the day. Because well presents, enough said. Other than birthdays it’s that onetime of the year when you are spoiled within an inch of your life. Even though now I am older and I know exactly what I’m getting because of my in person conversation with the big man himself, my Mum likes to put in a few surprises to keep the day interesting and watch our faces when we unwrap the gifts in our pile. As payback, at the end of our gifts me and my siblings give our parents their presents and literally scrutinise their reactions to see which one of us has come out on top in gift giving. It’s nice to watch them unwrap their gifts and join in the fun that we have every year on this day.

Family time

Christmas and family come hand in hand right? Well that’s definitely the case in my house. When I was younger there were so many countless family members we saw on Christmas day that all their faces would blur into one. But as it tends to be as you grow older, people grew bigger and soon there wasn’t enough room for everyone to fit into one house and sit at one long table. So now there’s just my family of five and my Grandma on Christmas day until we go to my Uncle and Aunties house Boxing night for an after party celebration. But still, playing games after Christmas dinner is so much fun and guarantees us all to be in fits of laughter. If I could recommend any games to play at Christmas, it would definitely be Splatter Face and Speak Out. Trust me, if you haven’t played Speak Out with your Grandma or Grandpa yet then you are missing out. My family has already experienced the hilarious trauma of false teeth falling out when playing this game.  

Food Glorious Food

My mouth literally waters at the thought of Christmas dinner. After a full breakfast, breaking into the chocolate gifted to you from a friend of a friend, you would think there wouldn’t be any more room for food. In this case you are sadly mistaken. It’s the whole reason behind the ‘Christmas weight’ tagline, when there is an abundance of delicious food on the table it would be rude not to, right? It is the only time in my house when there are a full three courses served, finished off with the renowned cheese board accompanied with crackers (a personal favorite of mine). Oh so much food but it is oh so good! For me it is probably one of the only times when guilt does not enter my mind when it comes to food. Each year my parents take it in turns to do the cooking and then ask us who we want to do it next year. It’s completely a competition between the two even though they play it off as though it isn’t, but that just makes it all the more fun to tease my Mum by saying my Dads the better chef!

What are your Christmastraditions? Which ones are your favourite?

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Merry Christmas!


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