4 books you should definitely read

As I am on summer break I decided to purchase some books and “feed” my brain with some good information. I’ve always loved a book that you can learn something from and these ones were…

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Baked peppers salad

It is really simple to achieve the perfect side dish and you only need a few things. This dish is simple to make, it’s served cold and it’s perfect for hot summer days!

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How to start losing weight

Losing weight is kind of a big problem for a lot of people and many of us don’t know how to start. In the beginning of my weight loss journey I did do a lot…

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Forever Living – Clean 9 | My Experience

After doing the 30 day shred level 1, my eating habits were not very good. I did see the loss in cm but I was still bloated and not eating right so I decided to…

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Best Banana & Mango "Ice Cream"

Oh you know those hot summer days that calls for some amazing ice cream? Well, I know them and if you don’t want to buy some full of sugar and calories ice cream you should…

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