Workouts that I like to do

I am not a huge fan of working out, but sometimes when my motivation kicks in I like to do some workouts that are quick but yet effective!

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8 tips to poop better!

Pooping should not be a taboo subject. A lot of people don’t go to the bathroom they way they are supposed to and this can cause a lot of health problems. From feeling like your…

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Plant based vegetable soup

You know those cold days when you come home from school/uni and all you want to do is eat something cold while in bed watching your favorite show? Or those days when you are sick…

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The perfect boiled egg

I have to admit that I really like eating eggs in the morning from time to time and achieving the perfect boiled egg is not hard at all!

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Cheese Scrambled Eggs | Quick breakfast ideas

I know that sometimes is hard waking up in the morning and have to decide what you are going to have for breakfast, what should you cook or if you even have to eat at…

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