Wall or Nothing | A mobile games that does justice, at least in the virtual world.

I had the really nice opportunity to review another amazing mobile game here on my channel. This time, it’s about “Wall or Nothing” created by Primordial Art Studios, and as the title say, this game let’s you do a little bit of justice in the virtual world. So if anyone else doesn’t agree with Trump political views or you just simply want to have fun, this game is for you!

About the game:

The game is about the wall that Trump wants to build and all you have to do is to knock down all the workers with a giant ball. Fun right ?!

The game seems pretty easy at first but then you will see that the workers have numbers on them so you have to hit them multiple times. That is when the game actually became tricky. I only score 147 and that’s after a few tries haha!

The games gives you an extra life after you make a few points, and thank God for that because I wouldn’t have been able to score that much without it (shame on me) and it also has a lot of others extras that you will experience as you go. If you fail at hitting the workers, the wall will continue to advance until a first worker will reach the top and that’s when the game will end.

The characters are so fun build and the game is a really nice experience. A thing that I would for sure recommend is to have your volume up so you can hear the character speaking. It’s hilarious!

I do believe that the game is actually very smart build, as you really have to get the way you have to throw the ball at the workers. A nice, thought shot will guarantee you more workers to be knocked down so more points for you!

The team was kind enough to give me the experience of playing the game without any ads (thank you again!) but I did install the game on another phone to play it with the adds too, because I wanted to give you guys a honest review on how the game actually is. I was surprised in a good way, because the team build the game in such a way that the ads won’t bother you like in the others games where you couldn’t even press play that an add will pop.

So, I will definitely keep this game on my phone and play it more in the future as I do have a feeling that a lot of others nice surprises will pop up and I can’t wait to see the others power ups and bonuses that the game will offer as I advance.

Make sure to download the game and let me know what you think about it!

Get the game:

Ios -> here;

Android -> here;

Quick disclaimer: If you don’t agree with my political views please don’t start a fight in the comments. This are just my opinions as a person who is not an American resident so just download the game and have fun!

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  1. August 25, 2018 / 6:10 PM

    I deleted games off my phone because I get too addicted. I think this one would be addicting , but I kind of want to try it . Never knew they had a game like this. It’s creative and very relevant to our world thanks for sharing .

    • stralthy
      August 25, 2018 / 6:11 PM

      Let me know if you like it☺️

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