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I have to admit I am constantly looking for things to buy especially all sorts of watches, phones and so on so as I am trying to take my health more serious I have been looking for a more discrete fitness bracelet that I can wear with my regular watch and that’s why I’ve decided to buy the Fitbit Flex 2.
I already have an Apple Watch so I was not looking for a more expensive Fitbit like the Versa, I just wanted something that can track my steps, it’s smaller and I can wear with my watch because, let’s face it, no matter how useful an Apple Watch might be, there are times when you want to wear your regular watch and be more stylish.
So let’s get to the topic of this post and talk about the reasons of why I chose the Fitbit Flex 2.

  • It’s smaller : it has 8mm height on the part with the tracker and the bracelet it about 1,2 cm width;
  • It’s water resistant: and we are talking swim proof not just splash proof (not that I know how to swim but it’s nice to know that you don’t have to carefully wash your hands);
  • It tracks you sleep (like the other ones): but being smaller I find it really easy to sleep with;
  • Call and text notifications: small vibration for both really handy if you don’t have your phone near you;
  • You can style it: you can wear it as a pendant or as a fancy bangle;
  • The battery: it lasts up to 4-5 days and it notifies you via email when the battery level is low;
  • Good price;


  • It doesn’t have a HR sensor, I personally wasn’t looking for that as I have my Apple Watch, but I thought you should know this;
  • When I first set it up I spent about an hour trying to make it to update as it stopped in the middle of the process or told me that my phone could not find my tracker;
  • It does not have a screen, and I find myself sometimes trying to check for the time but considering the fact that it’s small I don’t really mind;

So if you want a fitness tracker and can skip the HR feature and the fact that it does not have a screen, I strongly recommend buying this one. It does the job, the color Lavander is so pretty and feminine and the price is actually pretty good.

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